Saturday, 30 May 2015

Instagram round up #1


I though I'd include an Instagram  segment as a post for a change this week, just to mix things up. It's something I may include in the future we'll see how it goes sure.
Considering my Instagram, blog and just about anything social in my life is going to be dead for the next few weeks thanks to exam stress, (fun times) I guess now is the prime time to try this out, right?!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Black and White ft Cara Delevinge

The end of an era for sure. Graduation day is definitely a time that you think is in the far future but of course like everything, it's upon you before you know it. No longer will I have to sit through various classes, see the same people everyday, go through the routine of early mornings and so on. Obviously college life still involves deadlines, lecturers etc but it will be a huge change to say the least!

I opted for a simple enough dress with chunky black heels for this night time attire. Bit of a dodgy colour to wear on a night out but sure look...
Jewellery was kept minimal as I decided to keep it as a fresher,cleaner look with small details. This tux dress from Missguided was the perfect piece that wasn't too revealing but still kept it appropriate for a night out.
 It was a bit of an inspired outfit from the forever gorgeous Cara Delevinge. Known for favouring more boyish silhouettes, It's no surprise this type of dress is becoming more popular. Helping us flatter chested ladies out a little more, eh?

I thought this fab Missguided piece made for a great 'celebrity inspired look' to this blue tux jacket Cara wore to London Fashion week from Emilio Pucci's fall 2014 collection. Of course they are by no means identical, hence why I say 'inspired' but it's no harm to look to celebrities for ideas every once in a while!

Who is your go-to celeb for outfit inspiration? 

Friday, 8 May 2015



So the triumphant vintage blazer makes a come back...I can't remember the last time I wore this coat to be honest, let only the last time it was featured  on the blog. One things for sure I've never worn it on such a nice day!  Before you ask, yes these photos were taken on the same day as one of my last posts and yes I am talking about the weather again...I think at this stage it's obvious most people, particularly Irish people have a habit of talking about the weather constantly! Sure look..

 Anyway this was taken a good few weeks ago now and it's safe to say things have changed drastically on the weather front. As I wright this, I am sitting in my room with a mountain of books and study to do while the rain pours down my window as though it had never rained before. Praying for even a bit of that summer glow to come back!

As for the outfit it's self it's pretty much just a quick and simple way to jazz up day wear. Add a pair of heels, maybe throw in a clutch and a good structured jacket and you're good to go! 

What's your favorite way to jazz up an outfit? 

Vintage jacket// Primark jeans// New Look heels// river Island bag

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