Friday, 24 January 2014

An Gnáthrud.

                   Don't ask me how I thought of the title of this post, I guess  I was feeling a bit spontaneous! For those of you who don't know what this means it's Irish. It means the usual. I guess it just suited this post considering it's the same kind of wishlist as per..

For some reason I haven't actually got a big wishlist this time' round. I haven't seen a lot that's caught my eye, but I'm sure with spring around the corner, I'll find a way to rack up the large figure for a wishlist of clothes by next month! For now though my spaciously empty purse can breath...

Real techniques brushes//River Island sandals // River Island check dress// Timberland boots

Ps. Thank you to all the new (and old!) followers of late! It's nice to see a little boost in  people listening to me waffling...


Thursday, 9 January 2014


Trousers-River Island// Net top-DIY// Jumper+rings-Pennys(primark)// Shoes-New look// 

There couldn't be a better title for this post, the moment I put these trousers on, especially with these shoes, i felt like a 70 year old man( in a good way) they just remind me of something you'd see an old man wear!
The DIY top is actually a pair of tights, pretty neat eh?! The jumper is a pretty good dupe for the Topshop ones in my opinion, at a much more afordable price.I also decided to wear black sheer shocks with this which worked really well.I got them in Pennys, after looking for them for so long!
          On another note, these trousers are ridiculously comfortable! I think they're made from wool, and they're super lose fitted so they're perfect for the..(cough,cough..) weight gain..



Thursday, 2 January 2014


Believe it or not, this is my first Mac lipstick. I can definitely say I wish I tried them earlier. The consistency is amazing and they last as long as a lipstick will, in my opinion. I don't think that staying power is a huge factor with lipsticks considering I continually eat and drink when wearing it! I wouldn't expect a lipstick to stay completely intact the whole time. This particular one is called "Morange" which I originally fell in love with on Lauren Curtis Youtube channel "LaurenBeauty". I'll leave a link to her channel below! 

It is an amazing orange-ish colour and looks stunning with neutral eyeshadow. For me this was a pretty bold choice. Up untill now, I didn't wear lipstick a lot, if  I did it would be mainly dark colours, so this is a pretty bright colour for me. 
               My only problem with this lipstick is that you must have relatively white teeth to wear it, well in my opinion. I havent got amazinly white teeth by no means! but i would scrub my teeth like crazy before wearing this lipstick. I feel this applies for all pink/red toned lipsticks.This is probably why i tend to wear dark lipsticks!
I am defiantly open to trying more mac lipsticks though, so any recommendations are welcome!

Lauren Curtis Youtube channel!

What's your favorite mac lipstick? 
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