Sunday, 30 November 2014

Beige on Beige.

For those days of comfy-casual with a little somethin' somethin'  I always opt for a one tone outfit. Now generally speaking this tends to be black or more recently all white. Beige is a colour I've always loved mainly because I think it compliments every skin tone under the sun. From the fairest of all to the darkest skin tones, you're covered. I think there's something expensive looking about wearing one colour for a whole outfit. Maybe it's just me but I find no matter where you've bought the pieces when put together they look timeless and somewhat classy. 

Now that's not exactly what I'd say for this outfit as a whole but I definetely think that the jumper and trousers don't look any where near as cheap as they were! 

What's your favorite ensemble for the season? 



Monday, 10 November 2014


I don't usually do these kind of posts but the next few posts are a work in progress at the moment so for now I'm sort of improvising. I've been wandering around the shops lately and have spotted some beaut's that are newish to this season! Everything from 90s throw back's to faux fur, clashing prints, geometric patterns, glitter and sequins galore! I think all this christmas-esque madness has already gone to my head! So much so, that I bought a number of items that I plan to wear during christmas (early I know) and not only that but they're not the usual type of style that I tend to gravitate towards but hey ho'! 
Sequins, sparkles, glitter, even animal print have always been something that I've stayed clear of. All that glitter stuff 
as always been a bit ott and tacky to me BUT in comes Topshop. The game changer of all game changers. 

You can look forward to seeing all these pieces and more in upcoming posts! 

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