Sunday, 10 July 2016

What I eat in a day. #6

I'm back with a new what I eat in a day post! As always this doesn't include snacks just core meals.
As just an fyi, I don't follow any specific way or diet like raw/low fat etc anymore, I just eat whatever I crave and since it's been a year now since I changed to vegan living, this is all I ever crave! Sounds crazy but legitimately, fruits, grains, veg, starches are all I ever really want to eat.

Anyway on this weekend Aldi had kiwi and mangos on sale for 50c so I decided to make a fruit platter! Coupled with a sunny morning it was a pretty perfect breakfast!

I happened to have more fruit later this day. Here, I blended strawberries, dates and frozen bananas with passion fruit and some coconut flakes.

For dinner I ate these new spicy Mexican beans I found on special offer in Aldi! Sourdough bread with hummus and rice and spinach meant I got all the good stuff too! Protein, iron and good fats to name a few! 

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