Thursday, 31 December 2015

The Best of 2015.

So as I've mentioned before I'm not one for resolution posts at New Years but before the day is out and 2016 is upon us (time is flyin' ey?!) It would be worthwhile having a look back at 2015 at some of my proudest posts. I've definitely come a long way in the last year in all aspects of blogging. Between content, image quality and the overall blog design, a lot has changed around here...for the better, no doubt!
2015 was the year of the dreaded Leaving Cert exams, which are thankfully over and done with never to be spoken about again. Once they were out of the way I had one of the best holidays I've ever been on with my friends. No better way to celebrate the end of an era as I finished school and got ready for college (Uni). Amidst all this I made the biggest lifestyle change for me thus far; going vegan. As one of THE best changes I've ever made, I've written a few posts on why vegan and some posts on what I actually eat now! And I hope to continue learning and talking about it around here so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested!
And who could forget the music that I've been addicted to this year. 2015 was define try a weird year for me in terms of my music taste I went from loving a lot of Irish artists(and still do!) like Hudson Taylor, The Coronas, Hozier and of course Coldplay to becoming a fan of 1D?! I don't know where,when or how it happened but I'm glad it did.(for the most part, the part where zayn leaves could of been left out but sure look..). If you haven't listened to any of their recent albums and are still stuck in that mindset that the fandom is comprised only of 12 year old screaming'd be wrong. Having gone to their gig in Dublin, followed fan accounts on vine, twitter and the rest and having written a few style posts inspired by them, I'd say there's no escape now!
What positive changes did you make in 2015?

My most popular and favourite posts of 2015;

Monday, 28 December 2015



So it's been a fair while since I've been around here. For multiple reasons, that I won't get into, I wasn't able to get posts up the last month or so and to be frank, it may be slow for another little while from here on out but I'm determined to try my best!

So I'm not one for news years resolutions to be honest. Personally I think if you were really going to do something successfully you would have done it or at least tried already...but hey, you do you! 

I'm currently typing this on my phone using my 3G because I don't have wifi! (I know, struggles) but I wanted to get a post up so I did my best to get my mini tripod out and get the grain-iest photos possible. Apologies on that front, this was honestly the best I could do. Gotta' work with what you have, eye?

But I stil keeping things relevant to the Christmas theme I guess..this is an outfit that I would definitely wear on a night out and what better night than New Years Eve! You could throw on a nice shirt to cover up a bit more but still have the lace detail or you could pair this with any sparkle, sequins or glittery top to jazz it up a bit!

On a separate note, thank you to all of you guys for the support over the last year and a bit. I feel like I've a bit more direction for the blog in the coming year so hopefully things will be bigger and better!


Missguided coat// River Island Trousers// Penny's Bralet// New Look Shoes 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

What I eat in a day #3 // hclf vegan.

Winter has well and truly arrived with big scarves and heavy coats galore! Thw weather her as been pretty dull with way too much rain for my liking which is really the reason why there's been a lack of outfit posts around here. With that in mind I thought I'd get a follow up post to my last one ((click here!) to tide me over untill this weather sorts itself out! 
(PS, please bare in mind that these arer just the main meals I have in a day, this doesn't include snacks!)

Yellow melon with some frozen berries and 1 banana. Not sure if I like the berries with it to be honest, but it made for a great photo so I just went with it. I ended up eating most of the berries separately!

4 frozen bananas, a handful of frozen berries and gluten free,vegan "Jammy Dodgers" from Aldi! 

Spicy Tomato Pasta with some spinach! I added chilli flakes,paprika, garlic powder, oregano and some black pepper to season. No need for salt!

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