Thursday, 24 April 2014


Just sprucing things up on the blog by adding a sort of travel post. Last week I visited Germany, Austria and Italy. Traveling around by bus and sight seeing in each city. I'm hoping to get three separate posts up on each country, just giving you guys an insight into some of the most historic places, and maybe give you some ideas or advice on what to visit if you're heading there any time soon!

The first place we visited was Munich. I'd never been to Germany before, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. We had an early flight so we landed around midday. Upon arrival, we went straight to Dachau concentration camp. Being a bit of a history advocate, the minute I heard we were going here I got excited, and it was one the places I was looking forward to the most. My parents had been to  Aushwitz before so after hearing first hand from them I was definitely interesting in visiting a concentration camp myself.

Dachau was the very first Nazi concentration camp, built by Heinrich Himmler in 1933. It held more than 200,000 prisoners and 21,531 were reported killed here. In 1933 Munich had 10,000 Jews. Only 200 survived the war.

Overall the experience in the concentration camp was pretty harrowing. The fact that something like that happened less than 70 years ago adds to its surrealism. Dachau was also one of the camps that participated in the "experiments" whereby they would  test the prisoners body's on situations that soldiers were in , to see  how the body reacts.Visiting any concentration camp is something I would recommend to anyone. It's certainly a sobering experience.

The next place we visited was Munich City centre. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived many of the shops were closed but the scenery was amazing. The little coffee shops and restaurants were so cute and the architecture was fab.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Want, Want, Want.

Mint jumper- / floral jean- Topshop// grey jumper- Boohoo// Dark jeans-Boohoo // dress-Missguided // pineapple jean- Topshop.

How beaut are them jeans, eh?! I haven't done a favorites post in a while, and so I thought it was well over due to get your fashion juices flowing with some fab spring picks off the highstreet! For once I am hoping to purchase some of these items and not just cry over them, as my birthday is coming up (tomorrow,Woo!) so I may have some 'moolah' to actually purchase them! I have been seriously lusting over these jeans for weeks though! Uh, I need them pronto! 
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