Monday, 24 August 2015

"And baby you're a boat"

So this day was one of the best from the whole trip. We got tickets for a 'barbaque on the beach' boat trip for the day. Now I wasn't always a fan of boats and considering this was the Atlantic ocean we were sailing through, some of us were a little concerned however because you're travelling along the coast the waves aren't that bad at all! 

We had an early start getting on our coach at 8am which was free (well, included in the price) this brought us to the Harbor I guess, we got our tickets and hung around until we could board the boat. It roughly fit about 60 people with a reserved area up top that cost a little more. They had breakfast served on board with a amazing array of baguettes and fruit. This was actually served all day as they left a basket inside so it was pretty much a free for all! As well as this they had an open bar, so all drinks were free with the exception of spirits.
Once we reached the private beach we took a speed boat over where they had snorkeling gear, surfboards and goggles for people to use if they wished, there were no beds on the beach but plenty of umbrellas. Within a half an hour they had food ready to be served with a selection of fish, turkey, beef skewers, and prawns alongside salad, crisps and drinks.Watermelon and Pineapple were available for dessert while vegetarians were also catered for. 

Overall I would wholeheartedly recommend this trip as one of the best ways of seeing the coast, its a little bit expensive but for what you get its well worth it. We got an incredible boat trip, visited a private beach, went snorkeling and surfing and even got the chance to see dolphins on the way back! Its pretty much got you covered for all sight seeing!

Friday, 14 August 2015


Mini Frida Kahlo Exhibition


Coming to the end of the holiday outfits now at this stage. This day we were roaming around the village and checking out the shops. We also checked out the Algarve shopping center lately which was a quick taxi journey, I would definitely recommend it if you want more selection or if you're looking for gifts. They had Sephora and a Kiko so I had to restrain myself! 

That said, it feels like a lifetime ago that I actually went on this holiday.It's safe to say summer is well and truly coming to an end for sure and the somewhat dreaded start of school/uni is about to ensue. I'm feeling excited but slightly apprehensive about starting uni that is, if I get in which by the time this post goes up I'll most likely either be buzzing as well as terrified or I'll be hibernating in bed with nothing but a stash of food and a whole new meaning to Netflix and chill, ey?!


Saturday, 8 August 2015


//Primark skirt//Topshop top//


Yet again I've got another holiday outfit post, at this stage it seems like they're never ending. I tried to get a day and night one for 6 of the 7 days we were there. Having our own villa meant there was no excuse! Obviously the weather was fabulous so it was too good of an opportunity to pass on, to be frank. This outfit was towards the end of the week, we were heading out once again and this was the simplest, nearest outfit to me so I just went with the flow, pretty minimal effort. As much as I love this top it was slightly ichy, probably not the best when worn in the heat even though it was cooler considering it was the evening!  The skirt is from Primark from years back and is for sure,a staple for holidays in the sun.

What's your holiday outfit staple?

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Beach days.

Every holiday needs a trip to the beach right? So we decided to take a trip down to the beach which wasn't too far away just a quick walk down the hill past the strip. We never went to any of the restaurants down this end but there was some lovely looking ones for anyone visiting in the near future. Also, some of these photos are from the old town too hence why it's a more chilled vibe!

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