Thursday, 19 June 2014


Finally, I've managed to get some scenic, decent photos! The weather here has been amazing in the last few days, but of coarse, with all Irish weather it doesn't last long.In fact right now I'm looking at a cloudy sky and no sun. Actually scrap that, the Irish summer didn't last a few days, it lasted a day. Anyway,enough of my weather rant , this outfit features some old loves and the reappearance of these comfy River Island trousers.
Granted, it was a bit warm for them but they were so comfy and my summer wardrobe is still looking a bit summer-less as usual, thanks to the fact that Irish weather is so unpredictable.
Also, on another note if your wondering why my shirt looks illuminous, you can thank the unpredictable Irish sun.
Big thanks to Zara for taking the pictures for me , check out her beauty blog here!




Fishnet top-DIY // Shirt-New Look // Trousers- River Island // Bag- Pennys (Primark)


Monday, 9 June 2014


And two piercings later, here I am. This is just an outfit from a trip into town with friends. Pretty casual. The weather here hasn't really turned summery (fingers crossed it eventually will..) so I actually wasn't that warm despite the heavy shoes and never ending black. 

This top is from river island and is definitely not something you can wear with hot weather. It's made of a really thick almost foamy kind of material..if that makes sense..(I also think the design would make an awesome tattoo!) Anyway the shoes are a staple in my wardrobe and have been worn to the death recently purely for their comfort.. And of coarse the fact that they're black helps. The other alternative that I wear are the famous Topshop slip ons that are all over the place right now. 

Jeans-H&M// top-River Island// blazer- Republic// shoes-New Look

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Current Drugstore Faves.

Decided to do a bit of a beauty post today. Summer holidays have just began so hopefully, I will be able to post a lot more from now on. 

This is a brand that doesn't seem to get much attention, but in my opinion is pretty comparable to  it's more expensive counterparts. Others have compared this concealer to being as good as Mac. It covers and hides blemishes really well and blends into the skin naturally while the powder sets any concealer without making it cake your darker.

I spotted this brand while away on a trip in Italy.everything was reasonable priced and looked amazing. However I wasn't able to buy everything so I limited myself to a few items, two of which are the 30 day treatment Mascara and the Kiss balm in Blackberry. Generally I wouldn't be too keen on balms or lipgloss or anything like that, I usually prefer a lipstick or nude lip.However, this 
smelled devine! And actually adds a decent amount of colour 
particularly for a balm! The mascara does what any mascara is supposed to do. However I would say it lengthens the lashes more then anything.

This is a great dupe to Mac's paint pots. The consistency is the same and it goes on like a dream. This is in the shade 'on and on bronze' . Personally I think this works great with blue/green eyes! 

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