Sunday, 11 May 2014


The final place, and the place I stayed in longest was Italy! I went to Venice, Verona, Gardaland,
Lake Garda and our hotel was in Sirmione. Just a heads up that this post will be pretty picture heavy!

Lake Garda view from half way up Monte Baldo

Generally, I wouldn't say that I'm a roller coaster person, but Gardaland definitely had a lot to offer to everyone of all levels and the atmosphere throughout the place is amazing! 

I would defiantly go back to Sirmione. It's so pretty and there is so many cute shops and amazing Gelato to try.


Although I loved Venice, I don't think it is somewhere I would stay for more than 3/4 days. I knew it was a very popular tourist place to go but I didn't think it would have been to that extent! However it was beautiful to look at! 

Julie's house Verona 

Not having a full day to visit Verona was the only thing I didn't enjoy about the trip. Our flight was the same day so we were only there for a few hours. We visited Juliets house based on Shakespeare's Romeo& Juliet. It was also one of like 3 walls that was covered in signatures along with another wall with locks on it. The post box was used to send letters to 'Juliet' ! 


Sunday, 4 May 2014


This is the second post in a three part series on my trip to Germany, Austria and Italia!

We visited Salzburg while in Austria and got to visit the house in which Mozart grew up in, the place where the sound of music was filmed and Neuschanstein Castle. The views from all around Austria are truly stunning.they make any bus journey so much easier.

                                                                                   Sound of music 

Part of Neuschanstein Castle 


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