Thursday, 18 February 2016

5 Vegan Breakfast Hacks.

I thought I'd do a quick post of some food hacks I've learned in the last few months about making subtle changes to encorprate more planet friendly, healthy meals! I've acumilated most of this through experimenting and of course from the Internet and other vegans favourites. 

1. Oats
This is a bit of a two in one. Even before coming to this lifestyle I always enjoyed having porridge for breakfast as it's super filling and quick to make. I simply switched the cows milk for almond, soy, rice, coconut, hazelnut..the options are endless. My fave is definitely the nut milks! They add an extra creamy taste and are all genuinely nicer! On top of this I add mashed banana into the mix while I'm cooking the porridge on the hob(Also tastes much nicer like this).
Alternatively you could make overnight oats which seem to be pretty popular right now. Basically do the same thing but put them in the fridge the night before! (Note that generally you need less oats this way because the milk is soaked up a lot more so you've got a much thicker consistency) 
On top of this, I use oats as flour too. Just blend up some oats until they turn to powder and voila, you've got gluten-free flour.

2. Chia seeds
These are a staple for me. An awesome source of protein and omega 3, I love to add them to cereal, smoothies or porridge. Useful for baking too, you can actually use this instead of egg! Simply mix 1 part chia seeds with 3 parts water and leave in the fridge for 10 minutes-done! You're left with a gloopy, sticky consistency minus the period! Win win!

Done to the death at this stage, nice-cream is the equivalent to ice cream without the crap! Freeze some bananas overnight and place 
in a blender with a small bit of water and you're done. You could add berries or cocao powder to change up the flavours. If I tried to credit all the youtubers and bloggers who've tried this out, I'd be here forever.

4. Pancakes
This is quite possibly my favourite. I normally mix a random amount of flour and milk and one again, I use a mashed up banana instead of egg! It honestly taste dreamy-so much more flavour than a normal pancake and half the cholesterol and fat! In fact this is a meal that would keep you satiated for hours with 0 cholesterol and very low fat-with most of it coming from the oats! 

5. Cake 
This is one I've yet to try out but apparently most generic cake mixes are accidentally vegan appart from the ingredients you have to add. So instead of adding egg and milk, people some how came up with the idea to add coke cola or any soda instead to get the same results! I've seen videos where this looks like it light matey works but I've yet to taste it.

Which ones your favourite? 


What I eat in a day #4 hclf

Hello again,
So I started this day with cereal for a change. I couldn't decide which cereal I wanted so I ended up mixing oats,fruit and fiber as well as wheatabix! Seems like a lot of food,and I guess it is but it tastes so good! I posted the vitamin content of this meal in itself over on my Instagram  HERE** It's one of the best ways to get all your B vitamins. While it won't give you 100% of all 12 of them it gives you close enough and complete satisfaction in some,all in your first meal of the day!

After doing a workout I decided to make a creamy "protein" smoothie which is one of my all time favourites. It has 3 bananas, almond milk, 4 or so dates, peanut butter, coconut sugar and carob powder for a chocolate-y taste! You could add some protein powder if you like, I didn't have any at the time but you get get plenty of different hemp and rice ones! 

 Doesn't look the best but this was actually super tasty. I added a curry sauce to the rice and some Siracha sauce and seasoning to the rest

Whats your fav food right now? 


Vintage Galore.

Vintage outfit post

Hi all,

Yet again I've found myself gavitating towards my vintage pieces. I always love styling outfits around these kind of pieces because they make everything 10 times funner. The fluffy top is one of my mams oldies. I always find absolute gems in her wardrobe. Actually the retro jacket is from her closet too! It's like an 70s/80s dream. Everything from shoulder pads to bold colours to crop tops!
I thought the textures of this look worked really well together  the smoothness or the jacket coupled with the hairyness of the top I guess, it makes for an interesting combo. The jeans keep it somewhat interesting with the patchwork at the knees while the pointy boots stick with the overall polished theme. I also think this would look fab with a A-line denim skirt or a pair of brightly coloured structured trousers to give it a more definite 70s look!

What's your favourite fashion era?

Vintage outfit.

Vintage outfit.

Vintage outfit.
Boohoo jeans// vintage top and jacket.


Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Off Duty.


College(Uni) is well under way for the second term and I'm enjoying the switch up with my timetable. It definitely uplifts the repeatitive nature of going to college for sure that more often than not leads to *cough cough* skipping lectures- but we won't talk about that just yet.

On to the outfit- mixing lights and darks for this post. It's something I haven't done in a good while now, having the polar opposites of black versus some of the palest of blues for some reason gives a kind of high fashion feel. Not quite sure why I don't wear this more often to be honest!

Old jumper// Pennys Trousers// New Look shoes

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Invisalign Update. #2 -How I clean them.


So it's been about a month since I got my first tray fitted and I've been steadily getting used to having them in and the extended cleaning routine. Each time I eat I take the aligners out and when I'm finished eating I clean them and my my own teeth!

1. Toothpaste
As far I'm aware any tootpaste will sufice. I used this one because I feel like the baking soda in it really does a good job of thoroughly cleaning the teeth whether you have braces or not!

I was always really bad for flossing, I just couldn't get into a routine of remembering to do it but because my teeth are quite crowded, they were peared down quite a bit in places to allow for movement so there's fairly large gaps between some of my teeth! With that being said, it's probably better not to have lots of food caught in between while they're trying to move..eww nuff' said..

3. Mouthwash
The main thing when picking a mouthwash is making sure it's alcohol free! Primarily because it's just not needed and because it makes my mouth super dry while leaving a strange after taste.

Extra tips:
I made the mistake of drinking herbal tea which stained my first tray pretty bad, despite allowing it to allowing it cool and drinking through a straw! So I would definitely steer clear of hot drinks regardless and coloured or fizzy drinks.

Each of these cost me €1.50 at Dealz(Poundland) which is such a steal!

Have you evere had braces? If so, what's your advice?

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