Sunday, 21 June 2015

Working It Out.


Sports Luxe is would seem- a trend thats really hit the fashion world in reason times, well as much as I do love a good pair of Nike workout leggings or the latest Adidas Stan Smith trainers (which will be mine) at the moment the only sports luxe I have going on is my workout gear.

Considering they're clothes that I'll be sweating in and all things ew, I feel there is no real need to go all out, buying more expensive workout clothes from the likes of Nike or Victoria's Secret and the likes. As much as I do love their workout collections my budget just doesn't agree, I'm afraid.

So what better place to go when looking for value for money clothes but Pennys/Primark, eh?! Apart from the trainers(obvs) everything here is Primark. I think a good pair of trainers is needed when doing exercise, so they are justified and Nike ones are always super comfortable.

What's your staple brand for workout clothes?

Friday, 12 June 2015

Bioderma Event.

H&M shoes//River Island trousers//Vintage shirt//Republic blazer 


I'm back! Final exams are finished, done and dusted with school and it's safe to say it's been a bit of an anticlimax. Years of doing the same thing day in day out with the same routine and people....the next few months are going to be a huge change to say the least but on to bigger and better things, eh?!

This photos were taken a few weeks back but it feels like agessss ago now! Myself and Zara  went to the fabulous Bioderma blogger event for their launch here in Ireland! It was macaroons and fancy food galore! 
I haven't had the chance to test the sun cream yet thanks to the terribly dull Irish weather so I can't report on that product just yet however I have been loving the primer! It does what any primer should do- blurs out rough textured skin and it makes my makeup stay on for a reasonable amount of time. As for minimising pores I can definitely see the effect but again I don't have large pores so I can't fully comment on that.
The bb cream on the other hand was a bit of a miss. Despite the fact that it's in the shade light it is extremely dark and so didn't match my skin tone but it definitely felt silky smooth which is always a good sign.
Of course the star product is the Micellar water. The praise this product has gotten is phenomenal and I can see why to be fair. It completely lifts off your makeup in one sweep, and when I say one sweep I genuinely mean one sweep! It feels like water(obvs) and isn't irritating at all! 
I'll be continuing to use these products over the next few weeks and I'll get a chance to try the sunscreen when I go to Portugal in a few weeks time (Turn up). Now I'm not one for beauty reviews but if I like it enough you'll be seeing a full scale rave around here in a few weeks time! 
(Watch this space..)

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