Monday, 28 March 2016

Be a good sport.


More mixing of pieces. I have been doing this a lot lately in a bid to save cash! Getting the most use out of all my bargains is what I'm all about. What's the point in having pieces you can only wear with one outfit or don't wear enough at all?! Versatile pieces for the win!

*Boohoo Bomber, River Island trousers, Topshop top, New look trainers.*

Monday, 21 March 2016

Vegan in Brussels.


It's been a while, aye? Between college, job hunting and binge watching various TV series, I've let the blog slack a little recently. That said, I'm back today with a bit of a travel post. Recently I visited Brussels for a few days on a bit of a spontanious trip. Seen as this was pretty much my first time going abroad on  a plant based diet, I thought I'd do a bit of prior ressearch to see what my options were.

Surprisingly, Brussels isn't a bad place for plant based options. I stayed in a hotel about 20 minutes away from the main village and even still I was able to find a veggie take out truck called Greenway in the train station accross the street from me! Unfortunely I didn't end up actually getting anything from them, but it seems like a great one to try out if you're in the area!

Even though the flight was only a little over an hour I of course, still brought plane food because why not? A litre of water, dates, pistacheos and watermelon pretty much hit the spot for me. I had the watermelon before leaving my house and brought everything else with me for the flight! Unfortunely I forgot to save the pictures from my snapchat (xemmajanefx) after uploading them so I have considerably less and ones of considerably worse quality.

Since Belgium is thee place for chocolate, I thought it best not to miss out. So, I found this cute little vegan shop called Vegasme, which is apparently only opened since Febuary. They had everything from dairy free ice cream to milk, cheeses, snacks- everything! I also spotted these Vego bars that I'd thought were only available in America but I guess not! I'm not going to lie, it was probably the best chocolate ever! It pretty much tasted like a Ferero Rocha bar!
White chocolate was also a must since it's pretty hard to find a decent bar of it here in Ireland.

Aside from the chocolate, I ended up having some Asian take out one night, chips and salade another, falafel wraps and veggie burgers galore! All in all, Brussels offered some pretty kick ass vegan food!

I'd also recommend checking out these places too!
*Ami - 13 Rue de Lesbroussart Ixelles (awesome veggie burgers)
* Dolma- 329 Chaussée d'ixelles, Bruxelles 1050 (buffet style+ super cheap) 
*Den Tee- Rue des Chartreux 66, Brussels
* Vegasme, Chaussée des Waterloo 367 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Vintage shades.


So it's been a few days since I posted anything...I just wasn't feeling it lately.  I think there's a good few people who are feeling the same within the community at the moment.  Between negativity and boring, repetitive posts from everyone, it's been lacking some serious creativity as of late- myself included!
So with this in mind I decided to get back to what I started with -vintage pieces! I've always been a lover of charity shops and finding bargains anywhere that I can. Big labels aren't really the goal for me but on occasion I find some gems from old school favourites.

This brown velvet shirt is a kind of piece I've been searching for a long time. A couple of years ago I seen a green one that was dirt cheap but I wasn't quick enough and it was snapped up by some other eagle eyed shopper! So this one filled the void I guess..

What's your favourite vintage find?

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