Friday, 26 September 2014

Brick by Brick.

Trying to look for inspirational or even funky places in Dublin, without going too far is pretty hard to find sometimes. This restaurant/café looks like it's been closed for years. The sheer amount of dead flies and spiders web on and inside the window was slightly disturbing. Anyway we got what we could and tried take a more thought through process rather than a more free hand approach, I guess.

So the main reason we're here, pretty make shift outfit really. Random jumper thrown on with a pair of mom jeans and I'm good to go. It's a pretty good transitional outfit, I would say. You could even add a scarf or big winter coat for the colder months.
I'm looking forward to more Autumn and Winter fashion!  What's your key wardrobe piece this season?


Friday, 19 September 2014

London Fashion Week.

And another year rolls by of London Fashion Week without my attendance,sadly. Thanks to school I've been unable to go. However I got invited to Corks Fashion Week so that may be on the horizon for me! We shall see!
So here's my quick rundown of some of my fave looks!


I generally not really a sparkle and sequins kind of girl, I find that all too often the pieces can come across as tacky, but this collection. Well. I (and the rest of the world basically) are infatuated with this. It's so fabulous. The fur, the glitter, the sparkles, it's just a glittery fabulousness really. 
This collection was designed by British fashion designer Ashish. He took inspiration from none other than Miley Cyrus and Kim K herself! I don't think gingham has ever looked so amazing!

Lou Aslop

This collection is quite different. I love the graffic prints and box shapes. It's a lot more 90s and concentrates on more light layering with shift dresses, fraying and flowing fabrics everywhere! 


Saturday, 13 September 2014


Weird one for today. This was a pretty rushed and spontaneous outfit that was put together last minute. Hence why it's such a random combination. The shirt featured in my last post, which is a staple piece while the trousers are a cheap version of similar ones I seen in Zara. The boots have been flying around all last season and were really popular. I tied my hair up lously and wore minimal jewelery to keep it simple.This was such a comfy outfit to wear when going out especially if you don't want to get too dressed up!

Shirt-Tommy Hilfiger// trousers-H&M // top-primark //boots-river island

Friday, 5 September 2014


Cheap and cheerful outfit for his week. This was what I wore going to the cinema with some friends at what seems like years ago, in actual fact it was about 3 weeks ago! That's the power of school, you're gone and out of there for 3 months and as soon as you come back, bam, it feels like you've been there centuries without a break! The shirt is men's as I'm sure you can guess and everything else is relatively old, unfortunately. At least I've gotten good wear out of them!



Shirt-Tommy Hilifiger // top-Zara // Jeans-Zara(old +diy) // shoes-Addidas

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