Tuesday, 27 October 2015

1D style vibes?


So last sunday myself and Zara headed out to see 1D in the flesh. Yep, this is where I'm at- NO REGRETS...anyway we didn't do the whole "queuing up for 12 plus hours" malarky and still had a decent enough spot in the crowd. 
Now first off, this was the first time I've ever been to a 1D gig, secondly they're real?! 
I've probably been standing to more concerts than I've been sitting so with that in mind, I can definitely say that 1D fans are something else!
I was buzzing for each song considering I hadn't even heard Kiss You live let alone Drag Me Down or any of their current songs so I don't have many pictures because well, I was way too busy enjoying the actual show! 

Aside from all that, the guys put on a pretty amazing show thanks to their own skill as well as the atmosphere and the crowd in general (no sadness over a certain someone being missing may even be able to see a certain poster in these pictures that had someone hung to say about certain someone...) since I've only recently become obsessed with their music and their performances, I can honestly say that the fandom is one of the best parts about it all. During Little Things there was a fan project set up for each night, our night seen fans who were standing holding up signs reading "Go raibh maith agat" which is something I don't think is seen in any otheer fandom to be honest.

With all of this in mind I recreated the outfit I wore that night, because well with all the excitment I kind of forgot to take photos on the night. I planned on getting proper photos but the wheather appeared to think otherwise!  Anyhow, I basically wanted to try and channel their style a little bit but without much effort and without spending a fortune (we don't all have money for ysl, Harold) I did a post on taking style inspiration from Harry which you can catch here!
Now if my Adidas trainers still fitted me it all would have "wrked out" and I would have had a bit more of a Larry vibe (oi oiii) but sure I took the "chonce" anyway. So I've got a funky shirt thats pretty much wide open with some long chains and some pointed shoes for some Harry inspo.
All in all, I dare anyone to go to one of their gigs and not enjoy it..

What would you wear to a concert?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sky High.

New look shoes// Forever 21 jumper// Topshop jeans//Pennys shirt. 

Hello again...

Very much a chilled post compared to my last  (which you can catch here) this time around.
In an effort to gather more colourful pieces in my wardrobe I bought this sky blue jumper which I surprisingly love. I'm not usually  one for blue pieces unless they're a really deep,rich shade as I tend to find that blue kind of washes me out and can seem a bit cold to be honest.
That said, I figured it was a nice piece to start off with. I've recently put myself on a spending ban for anything black so as a first purchase I thought this was a decent option. Granted, I know I'm wearing this with pretty much all black steps,baby steps..

Have you put yourself on any spending bans lately?

Sunday, 11 October 2015



I've got a formal outfit this time round for a change. But first off, I've got a legit question: how in the world do models wear heals on the runway? Honestly, anything that has my foot at a 90 degree angle with anything less than a chunky heel, kills me. I lasted about an hour in these shoes before I died. Without being too dramatic, it was pretty much a calve workout and I still felt the muscle pain days after! Pretty much convinced it was a workout...

Aside from that though I had a pretty good night. I don't think anyone can resist a good formal occasion sometimes. In this instance it was my debs/prom and basically the final hurdle as regards school related events. I'm not quite sure how much wear I'll get out of this dress but regardless it was a worth it!

Have you had your debs/prom yet? 


Saturday, 3 October 2015

What I eat in a day #2 || hclf

Hello again, so I've been missing from around here lately mainly because college/uni is well under way and as per fresher I'm trying to get myself settled into a routine. Until I have this organised (which will hopefully be soon) posts may be varied around but sure look..

Meanwhile October has begun and I'm buzzing. I've always loved Halloween and all that comes with fall! Cosy knits, jumpers, scarves, candles, movie nights in...bussing. Now contrary to that these pictures make it look quite like summer again! Getting up mid morning for college means I've a lot more time to make food and get set for the day.

Lunch was just a series of snacks I guess. I had one lecture so I ended up pottering around the shops before heading home. 

I obviously had more than one rice cracker, I'm not quite sure how many I had but I had 2 apples along side this too! 

Dinner was rice, green beans and potato chips/cube things. All oil free and gluten free too! I seasoned it all with a load of spices and put soy sauce on the rice too!

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