Saturday, 8 August 2015


//Primark skirt//Topshop top//


Yet again I've got another holiday outfit post, at this stage it seems like they're never ending. I tried to get a day and night one for 6 of the 7 days we were there. Having our own villa meant there was no excuse! Obviously the weather was fabulous so it was too good of an opportunity to pass on, to be frank. This outfit was towards the end of the week, we were heading out once again and this was the simplest, nearest outfit to me so I just went with the flow, pretty minimal effort. As much as I love this top it was slightly ichy, probably not the best when worn in the heat even though it was cooler considering it was the evening!  The skirt is from Primark from years back and is for sure,a staple for holidays in the sun.

What's your holiday outfit staple?


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm your new follower # 111 if you want to come on my blog ^ - ^

  2. I love that skirt - it's so simple but looks lovely.

    Rachael at

  3. That green top looks so cute on you, and your hair looks amazing! My holiday staple piece has got to be a good pair of shorts, can never go wrong! :)

  4. I think a maxi skirt is a great staple for a holiday. I adore the top and these photos are gorgeous too!

    Victoria xx

  5. lovely outfit. I've been loving maxi skirts for the summer :)

  6. My friend has this top in purple but I think this green colour is gorgeous! And I love the skirt too, the shape of it definitely makes it a summer staple :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  7. not only I love the outfit (especially the skirt) the pictures are great ! well done ! :)

  8. Gorgeous outfit. Jealous you are on holiday! I need more sun

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

  9. oooh that sparkly green top!!! i love it! btw, i just followed you on bloglovin' :)
    Feel free to check out my blog!


  10. It looks like you stayed in a beautiful villa, and I love your photos! My go-to summer piece this year is a cotton playsuit I bought from H&M, as it is so airy and can be worn with a leather jacket in the evening or to the beach over a bikini.

    Holly x

  11. Love the outfit! :)
    Just letting you know that I nominated you for the blog tour awards, check my post out for the details!


  12. I really love how your top sparkles. It looks so magical in these photos. You look beautiful in this outfit.

  13. I really love how your top sparkles. It looks so magical in these photos. You look beautiful in this outfit.

  14. The maxi skirt is great and I need to add one to my wardrobe. To me an absolute holiday must is a bikini and light summer clothes in general. Not a coat or umbrella as it is common in the UK hahaha xxx

    Caz | Style Lingua

  15. I adore this skirt! And that top is such a pretty colour!



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