Friday, 24 January 2014

An Gnáthrud.

                   Don't ask me how I thought of the title of this post, I guess  I was feeling a bit spontaneous! For those of you who don't know what this means it's Irish. It means the usual. I guess it just suited this post considering it's the same kind of wishlist as per..

For some reason I haven't actually got a big wishlist this time' round. I haven't seen a lot that's caught my eye, but I'm sure with spring around the corner, I'll find a way to rack up the large figure for a wishlist of clothes by next month! For now though my spaciously empty purse can breath...

Real techniques brushes//River Island sandals // River Island check dress// Timberland boots

Ps. Thank you to all the new (and old!) followers of late! It's nice to see a little boost in  people listening to me waffling...


1 comment :

  1. I'd highly recommend the real techniques core collection! I did a beauty haul post recently featuring those and swear by the buffing brush now! X


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