Thursday, 31 October 2013


Coat-Charity shop// Dress-River Island//Tights+Stockings-Pennys(Primark)//
Boots-River Island          

So if your not in the Halloween mood yet (what the hell is wrong with you?!) then maybe you can get some last minute inspiration here! Halloween is definintely one of my favorite times of year.Who doesn't want to dress up as some weird zombified creature and get sweets for it?! 

Anyway my outfit/costume thing..didn't take very long at all contrary to what i thought. It was my first time doing a proper Halloween makeup look, as i was going to a Halloween party and wanted to make the effort.
All you really need for the makeup is tissue, adhesive(you can use eyelash glue or even non-toxic glue),Berry lipstick,red/purple toned eyeshadows and fake blood. The key to this look is definitely blending.Once you put any eyeshadow on, you should blend it completely so that it really gives the zombified and realistic look.
Just be carefull as to what glue you use, if you use non-toxic glue it's probably best not to wear makeup on underneath it because it won't stick for very long. As for clothes, i went for a kind of creepy doll look but again my main focus was on the makeup.

(Also, has anyone else checked out the google home page, if you haven't do it now!)



  1. Love this! Looks so cool!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. Very cool!


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