Saturday, 2 August 2014

Liebster Award.

I got nominated for the Liebster Award again, and thought I'd better answer the questions this time!

Be sure to follow the lovely ladies who nominated me! Here we go!

 The rules are:
- You must answer all of the questions that have been given to you by the person who nominated you.
- You must link back to the person who nominated you.
- After completing the questions you must nominate 11 bloggers (under 200 followers) and give them 11 questions of your choice.
- You must let your nominees know that they have been nominated and provide a link to your post so they can learn more about it.

My nomination is from Zara , who is a good friend of mine so make sure to check her beauty blog out! 

Now on to  the questions:

1.)What's your favourite thing about blogging? 
I would say just generally getting to chat to people with similar interests. As cliché as it sounds, it's kind of true. I find it interesting to see what other people personal style or even there view on things from products to controversial topics. Of coarse, I'm sure blogger events are fab too but sadly I haven't had the privilege of attending one! 

2.)You can only blog about one thing - what do you choose? 
Fashion. An obvious choice but even reading other blogs-I enjoy fashion ones the most. Writing reviews of beauty products I find can tend to be a bit tedious- but that's just me.

3.)Bags or shoes?  
100% shoes! I'm sure you can see from my last post- shoes are my weakness. No matter what season, no matter what weather or trend-anything, I will always have multiple shoes on my wishlist! 

4.)Who is your favourite Youtuber? 
Makeup/beauty wise-I would say Lauren Curtis. She's one of the only youtubers I don't find annoying or that does the same generic stuff as everyone else time and time again. Fashion- idressmyselt or Jenn from clothesencounters

5.)If you could only use one make-up brand for the rest of your life, what brand would it be? Good question, I have no idea! I'm pretty lazy with makeup to be honest so I'll say any drugstore brand or urban decay.

6.)One Direction - yay or nay? 
C'mon?! How can you say nay to those faces?

7.)Who's your celebrity crush? 
Here we go ok, Zac Efron, James Franco, Dave Franco, Johnny Depp, Tyler Blackburn, Julian Morris,Bradley Cooper, Leonardo di Caprio, Beau Mirchoff, Orlando Bloom, Justin Timberlake..I could go on...

8.)Do you find it difficult to juggle blogging with all of your other commitments?
Pfft good one! Apart from school and such I wouldn't say it's that difficult at least not compared to others,as I mentioned before I'm pretty lazy!

9.)Would you like to blog as a full-time job? 
I don't think I would. I think to keep it exciting it should still be a hobby kind of thing. I would like a job alongside it maybe but overall I don't think I would.

10.)What's your favourite Disney film? Easy- Jungle Book.

11.)What's your favourite TV show?
 I'd say I have more than one. Pretty Little Liars, OITNB, Awkward, Criminal Minds, Big Bang Theory. Although I would say that PLL and Awkward have started to move down my list a little these days! 

Here are my questions:

1.) Who's your absolute favourite blogger?
2.) If you could only have one type of food/dish-what would it be?
3.)Favourite Country you have visited?
4.) What do you hate most about blogging?
5.) What's your number one pet peeve?
6.) Book or Magazine? 
7.) What's your favourite TV show? 
8.) When did you start blogging?
9.) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
10.) What do you miss most?
11.) All time favourite brand?

and the nomination goes to....

Don't forget to check out and/or follow everyone! 


  1. Hiii I enjoyed reading your answers :) Good job

    xx Cecil

  2. In case you want to grow natural and healthy hair please visit my blog, i'm just beginning but it would mean a lot! Thank you!!! Kisses from Barcelona!

  3. I'm the same as you, I don't think I'd enjoy being a full time professional blogger, I'd want to do something on the side too! xx

    ☾ Liquorice Pearls ☾

    1. I defetenly think it keeps it more exciting!

  4. New to your blog and already loving it :) Was so good learning a bit about you in this tag especially since it's my first post of yours that I have read! x

    1. Awh thank you, what a lovely comment! Welcome to my blog! X

  5. Really interesting post! I think it's nice to keep blogging as a hobby too but it is hard to fit it in with work.


    Fashion Nerdette | Fashion Blog

  6. Thank you so much for nominating me - I really appreciate that :)

  7. Congrats on this! I've been nominated as well for several awards too and it's exciting everytime! :D

    new travel photo diary up my blog!
    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!


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