Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Rimmel London- Kate Moss Matte Lipstick Collection.

Hi everyone, hope you're all well, I decided to do a quick lipstick review as these have been my current 'go to' lipsticks recently. 
Im not quite sure how long ago Rimmel released this collection, but i know it's not new. I'm  sure most lipstick lovers have tryed these already and considering they're so cheap i would recommend anyone giving them ago. I got mine from Boots for around €7.00, which I think is pretty descent!

 The shades I have are are quite different. One is perfect and light for summer , the other is quite dark and more suited for winter, in my opinion. However I love both equally. I'm someone who just isn't into lipgloss (never have been) so when I seen that this lipstick was matte it was a bonus! 


                                            (Left)-101, (Right)-107.

The pigment in both these colours is quite strong. There's also no bad taste with theses lipsticks. Often I find that drugstore lipsticks can have a pretty bad taste, but these are grand. However they do have a fragrance, but I actually like it. For some reason the baby pink lipstick has a stronger smell than the burgundy one! They both smell like typical lipsticks I quess, but the pink lipstick has a hint of sweets off it! 


Overall I would recommend these to anyone, even if your not sure weather or not you'd like the matte, just go for it. They are most definatly worth the price! Don't forget to follow!


  1. 107 is gorgeous! Ill defiantly be buying it for winter xx

    Olivia -

    1. I'd totally recommend it! It's such a gorgeous colour x

  2. Agree the 107 is gorgeous colour,


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